Are you ready to grow with Susan? Acclaimed psychic medium, Susan Schueler will show you how to grow your spiritual gifts.

Are you utilizing your natural intuition and spiritual gifts?

Do you long for deeper meaning in your life?

Is the Spirit world trying to get your attention with synchronicities, re-occurring numbers, and heightened sensitivity? 

What people say about Susan's Classes & Workshops

Besides her being amazing as a psychic medium,  it's just so amazing how I even found her. That's another story by itself but let's just say people come into your life because their suppose too. She is absolutely fabulous! Not only is she an amazing psychic but a great teacher. I've had a reading by her it was so scary accurate just incredible.

Ok so here's another example of how Susan is just there at the right times. So one night I was thinking about taking some intuitive courses. I didn't even know those really I went google hunting, I was clicking around, decided to look on Susan post saw she was booked up surprised she even did classes.. literally not even 5 mins passed and I get an email that she's opened a intuitive class..shocked of course..I even thought did she see me looking lol? I grabbed it so fast, as they could sell out QUICK and I didn't want to miss it. Just stuff like that happens and Susan is there.

Class was awesome the other students were so good, some were there like me as first timers I felt so comfortable. Learned so much and now I'm continueing to take more courses. Just let me tell you try her just once, see for yourself trust your intuition and do it just once I promise you will be amazed!

Trina P.
Woodland Hills, CA