Classes & Workshops

One of the reasons Susan values learning is because she was a high school English teacher for almost 25 years. She holds her BA in English Literature and Theater and her MA in Literature and Women's Studies. Susan views her talents as a psychic medium as an ability, rather than a gift. As is with most abilities in life, she feels they can be greatly improved upon with dedication, study and the proper teachers, and that is why Susan is so passionate about teaching other developing psychics and mediums.

What people are saying about Susan's Classes & Workshops

I have had the pleasure of taking classes by Susan over the last year. Not only is she a highly gifted Psychic Medium, she is also an incredible teacher. Her patience when it comes to working with all levels of Spiritual development is amazing. Not only does she work one on one with you when necessary, she also gives valuable feedback for your growth. Due to her high vibe energy and welcoming nature, I consider her as one of my Spiritual mentors. If there is anyone more divinely connected, it is her.

T L.
Los Angeles, CA

I had the pleasure of working with Susan on my Advanced Psychic Course, and I was impressed with her abilities. I watched her grow and develop over the weeks and her clients were incredibly impressed with her readings. She is genuine and loving and one of the best students in my class... I'm looking forward to seeing her use her gift to help others in the world!

Lisa Williams
Los Angeles, CA