Do You Have a Tribe?


I was in my late 30’s before I felt safe enough with another person to tell them the truth; that I had been hearing voices since I was 11.Spirit people seemed to follow me around, and I spent much of my childhood looking over my shoulder in fear, and sleeping with a night light. I realized quickly enough as a kid, that this was NOT something to share with others, especially if I wished to seem “normal.”   However, much to my surprise, as I grew older and finally started to accept my spiritual gifts, I realized how many other people had similar experiences.  

Because I was such a zealous student with all things spiritual, I traveled a lot and met other like minded people all over the world. Therefore, I am blessed that my spiritual tribe is vast.   Not a week goes by where one of us doesn’t reach out to another for suggestions, advice, recommendations or support. Sometimes it’s something light like, “Hey, I met a new guy, here is his photo, what do you feel about him?”  Other times, it may be about a serious health issue, a divorce or the loss of a loved one. But no matter what, these amazing and gifted people are here for me, and I am here for them.  And we know it!  

We may live in different places around the globe, have various backgrounds or political belief systems, but we understand that we are spiritual beings currently having a human experience.   

As humans we need to have support from one another, especially during these challenging times.  We need to find like minded people that we can share, support, and learn from. People that we feel safe with, who, although we may be different in many ways, we have some bond that ties us together.  This is our “tribe” and life can seem much easier with them.      

If you have not yet met your tribe, I highly suggest joining Meetup groups, Face Book Pages, or taking classes and workshops on topics you feel passionate about, so you can meet and develop new relationships with others on a deeper level.  It makes ALL the difference!

Feel free to check out any of my classes, to not only learn great new things, but to meet like minded people as well!

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