How to Advance as an Intuitive


Many people signed my yearbooks throughout my years at school, but the one comment that I have never forgotten, came from a much loved choral director.  After 4 years of having many classes with her, she knew me well and wrote, “Susan, be your own best friend.”  A simple, yet powerful statement, for, how many of us are truly our “own best friend”?   Sadly, more often than not, we are our biggest enemies.

As a teacher myself, I soon learned it was not a lack of ability that kept most from advancing, but rather a belief in self.  The same is true as I now teach budding psychics, mediums, healers and light workers as they step into their abilities.  Those who advance the quickest with their intuitive skills, building the strongest foundations, are those who have spent years learning to believe, trust, respect, and love themselves.  For nothing, and I mean nothing, will get in the way of spiritual development more than lack of self love.

How do we learn to love ourselves, if we never learn about our souls or our spirit?  If we believe that our human self, is our only self?  If we only come from a place of the logical mind, things like unconditional love will never be possible.  True forgiveness of self and others can not be achieved, for this comes from the soul.  

How often do we give our power away to others.  People who do not deserve our love or attention, but still, because of our own lack of love, we attempt desperately to get them to love us by twisting ourselves into the shape they most desire us to be.  In reality, if someone genuinely loves us, they will accept us as we are, including all of our imperfections.  

For anyone wishing to advance as a healer, psychic, medium or light worker, it is not only imperative that we love self and have a relationship with both the soul and spirit, but to also live our truth.  This means being true to the words that leave our mouth and the way we are living our life.  Yes, we are human and won’t always hit the mark, but this should be the goal.  When we love ourselves enough to come from a place of integrity, (whether that means returning our shopping carts, leaving a note on a car we may have hit, being true to our loved ones, or not participating with others when they gossip) we are remembering who we are.  A beautiful spiritual being that is currently in our human form to learn and grow, and most importantly, help others.   

Live a life of truth, integrity, and self respect, and love of self will follow.  Stop compromising yourself; for in reality, you are all you have, and of course, be your own best friend!

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