It’s Time to Embrace Your Magic!


I have been teaching people since I was 18 years old.  From swimming, literature, writing, poetry, theater, meditation, gymnastics, religious education, aerobics, volleyball, cooking and even bracelet making; I understood that if I knew how to do it, I could teach others to do it as well.  I have learned from the laws of reincarnation that we gravitate toward similar occupations from life to life, and clearly I have been a teacher in many lives because it feels like coming “home.”

After leaving my high school English teaching position after 25 years to be a psychic medium, it was only natural that I would teach spiritual  development.  

Most people have the misconception that all teachers do well in school.  For me this was anything but true.  Due to certain comprehension issues, learning was a challenge. So I over compensated with passion and effort, and several degrees later, it paid off.  Because of these issues however, I learned the importance of being a patient and fun loving teacher; that it was crucial for students to have fun and find joy in the challenging process of learning new things, especially if they were using skills that may have never been embraced before in this lifetime.  Teaching mediumship and psychic development is like teaching people that they have magical skills that have been lying dormant for years, and their excitement is palpable.

When we are drawn to topics like aliens, fantasy stories, angels, reincarnation, magic, witches, ghosts, ancient civilizations, Quantum Physics, sacred geometry and other metaphysical topics, it’s a clear indication we will enjoy learning about spiritual development.  On some level we are remembering who we are, and beginning to understand the magic that lies dormant within.  

Maybe it is time to embrace your magic!



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