Mentorship with Susan

Do you believe you are a psychic or a medium and want to learn more?  Perhaps you have already taken workshops and classes and feel you need specific individualized attention to move forward.  Regardless of how new or experienced you may be to the metaphysical world, Susan can help.  As a retired high school teacher who holds teaching certificates in both NY State and California, Susan understands how to get the best results from her students.  She will help you gain deeper understanding and confidence in learning to navigate, not only your clear seeing, clear feeling and clear knowing, but also your connection to the Spirit world.  Each fun and lively session is aligned specifically for your individual needs!

Zoom Development Circles

Susan runs Development Circles in various levels for students wishing to have the opportunity to practice their psychic and mediumship skills with others. These sell out quickly, so be sure to join the mailing list to be one of the first to be notified of upcoming Development Circles.

See What Students Are Saying About Susan's Mentorship

I adore Susan Schueler! She really is the best. I reached out to Susan over a year ago looking for a mentor to help me develop my intuitive gifts. I have been receiving messages and information all of my life and I wanted to have a better understanding of what this information meant. This included understanding and developing my clairvoyance (seeing pictures), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling) and more.

Susan is an amazing teacher and friend. She is wonderful at helping students learn to "give what you get" which helps to develop trust and confidence in our abilities. I love her mentorship package where she works with students one on one. This has truly taken my gifts to the next level. Her best kept secret is her development classes which sell out quickly. In fact, part of me wants to keep this a secret because I want to make sure I have a spot. LOL. It's through her mentorship sessions and development classes that I have really come to understand my gifts and have found so many wonderful like-minded friends. I am so grateful to Susan for showing me that I am not weird for having these gifts and for building an amazing supportive community of students so that we know that we are not alone. We love you Susan!

Crystal F.
Redondo Beach, CA